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Basic facts about sustainable construction and OPEN HOUSE project in other languages.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to translate this presentation to your language. We would like to have translations in all European languages and also in minority languages.

OPEN HOUSE Assessment Guideline
OPEN HOUSE Assessment Guideline is available here

OPEN HOUSE launch Event, 25th July 2013, Brussels

The OPEN HOUSE project aims to merge existing methodologies for sustainability assessment of buildings towards a common view. With the aim of being widely adopted in Europe, the OPEN HOUSE methodology is developed in a fully transparent, collective and open process, with extensive communication and interaction between all stakeholders.
The OPEN HOUSE launch event was held on the 25th July in Brussels. It was a unique opportunity to learn about the OPEN HOUSE methodology, see how it embodies the principles of transparency and openness, hear how it has been successfully applied to 68 buildings and find out about the resources that are available to implement the methodology throughout the EU.
We would like to invite you to view the presentations from this event!

Weighting survey of OPEN HOUSE methodology

The OPEN HOUSE consortium would like your input in establishing the weighting across the range of issues covered within the methodology.
We hope you will help us by sparing a few minutes to let us know which aspects of sustainability are most important to you:
Complete survey on all indicators (~ 10min)
Short version of the survey (~5min)
Thank you for your contribution.

Welcome to the OPEN HOUSE building sustainability assessment portal
The OPEN HOUSE portal offers an open-to-all and freely accessible European sustainability assessment system for buildings in design or operation.
You want to evaluate the sustainability of your project? Register on the OPEN HOUSE online assessment tool here

OPEN HOUSE - Benchmarking and mainstreaming building sustainability in the EU based on transparency and openness (open source and availability) from model to implementation.
The overall objective of OPEN HOUSE is to develop and to implement a common European transparent building assessment methodology, complementing the existing ones, for planning and constructing sustainable buildings by means of an open approach and technical platform.

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This project receives funding from the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme under Grant Agreement No. 244130 (OPEN HOUSE).